December 2004


The State's role in purifying and perpetuating Buddha Sasana Professor U Hla Myint - Opinions may differ on whether the State should be involved in the Sasana affairs or not. The past experiences of Myanmar, however, reflect the fact that the State's involvement in the Sasana affairs could contribute towards the promotion, propagation and purification of the Buddha Sasana.

Book Review : Curators of the Buddha : The Study of Buddhism Under Colonialism LOPEZ, DONALD S., JR., ed. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1995. 298 pp. $45.95 (cloth); $16.95 (paper). Reviewed by John Clifford Holt - A volume of critical essays analyzing the motives, assumptions, interpretive devices, and legacies of scholarly paradigms produced by nineteenth- and twentieth-century "pioneering" European scholars has been long overdue in Buddhist studies. This book is aimed at filling the gap and begins that process successfully.

Monk baffles scientists

24/12/2004 12:26 - (SA) Moscow - A Siberian Buddhist leader whom followers claim looks and feels just the same as when he died in 1927 is mystifying science.


Venerable Attidiye Dhammasiri: An embodiment of compassion and equanimity- Venerable Attidiye Dhammasiri's 90th birthday was on the 18th of November. There will be a Sanghika Dana for more than 150 monks on the 18th of December in his honour.

The donation of Cave Shelters by Buddhist female devotees - by Rohan L. Jayetilleke- The Myanmar text Sasananavamsa refers to two merchants Tapassu and Bhalluka who were on a trading mission to north-eastern India met the Buddha Gaya and they hailed from Ukkala.

Way to happiness There is Non-Happiness in the world, and There is a cause for Non-Happiness. When the cause is removed, There is Happiness, and There is a way to Happiness

Buddhist summit wraps up in Myanmar

2004/12/12 YANGON, Reuters A world Buddhist summit of more than 1,000 monks from as far apart as Jamaica and Japan ended in Myanmar on Saturday with promises to strive harder to spread the 2,500-year-old religion's central theme of harmony and goodwill.


Dhamma is the nature of things - by Kingsley Heendeniya : Several readers inform me that the short regular pieces I write on the Teaching of the Buddha are appreciated. My style in writing is to stimulate the reader to think. I leave blank spaces, as it were, to be filled by discussion and study. To benefit from what the Buddha taught, the necessary conditions are virtue, commitment, informed learning, investigation and striving. Beginning today, I shall present some essays as a Q & A.

The Dhamnar Cave Complex at Chandwasa of Madhya Pradesh - The cave complex is situated on the flat topped laterite hill of Dhamnar about 20 Km west of Shamgarh railway station, on Delhi-Mumbai Railway route.

Fear of death and its absence- In Buddhist India there was a brahmin named Jaanussoni (meaning the one with a raised knee-cap), who was an extremely rich individual belonging to the Mahaasaara group of brahmins, to which category belonged those brahmins possessing a safely deposited wealth of 800 million kahaapanas while for their day-to-day expenses they had one-and-a-half pots of those coins (silver or gold) as ready cash.

Bellanwila Dhammaratana Thera appointed Sangha Nayake of Singapore:

History of Sri Lanka's Buddhist missionary work, in my opinion, is a sphere worthy to be still researched and documented at academic levels since literature as regards such contributions are not very much available in our reading rooms, nor have them been assessed giving it its rightful consideration.

Myanmar opens summit of Buddhist monks

Myanmar opened a World Buddhist Summit Thursday with some 1,500 people attending, despite calls for a boycott over the country's detention of some 300 monks.


The art of loving kindness in Buddhism by Rev. Souraba Nanda - Humans are mysterious beings with incredible potentialities buried in them. Wholesome and unwholesome thoughts are hidden in them. They may rise up to the surface at unexpected moments. They are dormant in man in different degrees according to their mental states.

Scriptural treatise that leads to spiritual insight by Aryadasa Ratnasinghe - The Dhammapada (the Path to Righteousness) is the most renowned and excellent scriptural treatise highlighting the quintessence of the Buddha's teachings 'which is profound, hard to see, difficult to understand, calm, sublime, not within the sphere of logic, subtle and to be understood by the wise." (Majjhima Nikaya).

Slow and steady wins this life The Wheel of Dharma, which the Buddha turned metaphorically in his first sermon after Enlightenment some 2,500 years ago, is rolling on, as a new breed of bikers hits the road.

Massive Buddhist programme at Nalanda College

One hundred Buddhist monks of the Asgiriya Chapter will call on Nalanda College, Colombo today to preach the dhamma to its students in the school's one hundred classrooms in a massive Buddhist programme, organised by the Old Nalandians' Buddhist Association, to mark the school's 80th anniversary.

Buddha's birthplace to become World Peace City

The Second World Buddhist Summit concluded Thursday adopting a ten-point declaration recognizing the Holy Shrine of Lumbini as a source of eternal inspiration for the promotion of world peace and endorsing the proposal to developthe birthplace of Lord Buddha as a World Peace City.

Russian Buddhist Lama’s Body Shows No Decay After 75 Years in Coffin Created:

The body of Russian Buddhist lama Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov, who died in 1927, did not decay over a 75-year period, medical experts and historians say, Russia’s website reports.

Annan calls for learning from Buddha's teaching

In a message to the Second Buddhist Summit being held in Nepal's southern city of Lumbini, UN Secretary-general Kofi Annan expressed the hope that everyone who cares about the direction and fate of humankind should take Buddha's message of peace and compassion seriously.

World Buddhist Summit And Message For Peace

The second World Buddhist Summit, attended by more than 150 delegates from 28 countries including government representatives from none countries - India, China, bhutan, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and Egypt at Lumbini with the hope of spreading peace in the world.

How Buddhism Got to Russia Despite the best efforts of Stalin and Catherine the Great.

After denying the Dalai Lama's visa requests for years, Russia has finally relented and allowed the Buddhist spiritual leader to visit the country. He will spend most of his time in the southern republic of Kalmykia, half of whose 300,000 residents are practicing Buddhists. How did there come to be so many Buddhists living in Kalmykia, an Ireland-sized region on Europe's eastern edge, thousands of miles from the religion's Asian heartland?

November 2004


Averting the erosion of Buddhist values Dr. Daya Hewapathirane - Indisputably, the Buddha Dhamma is the crowning glory of the cultural heritage of Sri Lanka. The Buddha's teachings and Buddhist values are the greatest inheritance of the large majority of the Sinhala community living in the Western world.

Sri Lanka bhikkhus in a global role by H. M. Nemsiri Mutukumara - Learned and eminent Sri Lanka Bhikkhu Sangha will attend a series of Buddhist summit conferences organised in Nepal, Myanmar and in Los Angeles, California in the United States of America in November and December 2004 and in January 2005. The first Buddhist summit will be held from November 30 to December 2 in the Sacred Lumbini Gardens in Nepal.

The Great Sariputta, the foremost disciple of Gautama Samma-Sambudda

The Great Sariputta had his final passing away on the Kattika Full Moon Day according to the solar calendar which is Il Full Moon Day. Born into a very wealthy Brahmin family in the village called Nalaka (probably or close to modern Nalanda) he was named Upatissa on the name-giving day as the son of the foremost family in the village. His father's and mother's names were Vaganta and Sari respectively.

What the Buddha taught about prayer and worship

Among the teachers of his time Buddha was known as a Kamma Vadin, one who taught the truth and always had the power of showing results. In his doctrine and discipline it is not through supplicating unseen powers by traditional religious ceremonies that man obtains the benefits he desires. They have to be earned by living a good life in thought, word and deed. This is the basis of Buddhist ethical teaching.

'Buddha's teachings can establish peace'

Speakers at a discussion yesterday said the teachings of Lord Buddha could help establish peace and harmony in the strife-torn world of toady. They said Goutam Buddha was an exponent of peace and never supported any war or violence. The discussion was organised by Bangladesh Buddhist Federation to mark the month-long holy Kathin Chibar Dan, a religious festival of the Buddhist community, at the International Buddhist Monastery in the city yesterday.

Activists to promote Buddha's birthplace as 'world peace city'

Buddhists from around the world will gather in revolt-hit Nepal this month to consider ways to promote Buddha's birthplace, Lumbini in the country's southwest, as a "world peace city." AFP/File Photo The three-day conference, due to be held in Lumbini, will start November 30 and is expected to draw scholars, monks and dignitaries from at least 40 countries, said Nepal's Tourism Minister Deep Kumar Upadhyay.


The miraculous power of Bodhi pooja "Yassa mule nisinnova sabbari vijayam aka, Patto subbannu tam satta vande tam Bodhi padapam. Ime ete maha Bodhi loka nathena pujitha, Ahampite namassami Bodhi raja namattu te". (Bodhi Vandana Gatha)

The new Maha Nayaka of the Sri Lanka Amarapura Maha Nikaya - S.J. Sumanasekera Banda Ven. Davuldena Gnanissara, the Maha Nayaka of the Udarata Amarapura Samagri Maha Sangha Sabha has been elected as the Supreme Prelate of the Sri Lanka Amarapura Maha Nikaya after the passing away of the most Venerable Madihe Pannasiha Maha Nayaka Thera.

Buddhist Summit, give peace a chance for Nepal

The Nepali government hopes to take the forthcoming Second World Buddhist Summit as an opportunity for developing peace in the country. The summit is scheduled for Nov. 30 - Dec. 2 in Nepal's southern city of Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha.

Tracing the Buddhist Path

Translations of the oldest existing Buddhist writings are changing how scholars believe the religion developed. Nineteen-hundred-year- old manuscripts from the Gandhara region offer a rare glimpse of the religion as it expanded from its native India around the first century C.E.


Understanding the structure of arising of feelings by Kingsley Heendeniya - The Buddha says, whatever is felt counts as dukkha. From any point of view, that is a most astounding thing for anyone to say. But at no time did the Buddha make any statement not complete under all conditions. So he added a codicil: bhikkhus, but that was said by me with reference to the impermanence of determinations.

Meditation session of a Myanmar meditation centre by Rohan L. Jayetilleke - The word meditation means many various mental activities, which are mutually conflicting. It is best to recall the several words used by the Buddha to define precisely and poignantly what meditation or bhavana is.

Afghanistan wants its 'Dead Sea Scrolls of Buddhism' back from UK

12 November 2004 The Afghan government is to request the return of the "Dead Sea Scrolls of Buddhism" from the British Library, amid concerns the priceless manuscripts were looted during civil war in the early nineties.


Liberation through wisdom by J.C. Boange - DURING the time of the All Enlightened Buddha a wanderer named Susima got ordained and engaged in the practice of the Dhamma and Discipline. Then on one occasion the Venerable Susima heard some bhikkhus declaring final knowledge, i.e. Arhanthood, and wishing to question them about their attainments; addressed a series of questions to them.

The Buddha's first interlocutor - AFTER his attainment of Buddhahood in the shade of the Bodhi Tree at Buddha Gaya, the Buddha spent the next forty-nine days in and around that area shifting places from week to week, his last such stay being the shade of the banyan tree named Rajayatana, where he had earlier been enjoying the bliss of the emancipation he had achieved.

The Mulapariyaya Sutta - by Kingsley Heendeniya: THE Mulapariyaya or Discourse on the Root of All things is the first of 152 discourses arranged in the Majjhima Nikaya. It is a long one and the only sutta that the Bhikkhus who heard it did not delight in. The meaning is difficult to grasp.

The four Mudras of the Buddha - Abhaya Mudra A gesture of assurance or protection intended to impart fearlessness. The right hand is held with the palm facing outwards and the fingers extended upwards.

Massive Buddhist programme at Nalanda College

One hundred Buddhist monks of the Asgiriya Chapter will call on Nalanda College, Colombo today to preach the dhamma to its students in the school's one hundred classrooms in a massive Buddhist programme, organised by the Old Nalandians' Buddhist Association, to mark the school's 80th anniversary.

Buddhist conference at Lumbini

KATHMANDU, Friday (Reuters) - Buddhist scholars and monks from around the world will meet in Nepal this month to consider a plan to promote Lumbini, the birth place of Gautama Buddha, as a world peace city, organisers said on Friday.

October 2004

Overhaul for religious teaching

Pupils will study the tenets of various faiths. The first national framework for teaching religious education in English schools has been published. The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority says pupils should study other faiths alongside Christianity to help foster understanding and respect.

The Buddha - our unique teacher

. The Buddha once said that His teaching has only one taste, that of liberation, yet, being a Teaching of Actuality, Buddhism has also dimensions extending to wide fields of human life and thought.

Buddhism thriving in Asian countries

Although Buddhism originated in India, it was indeed happy to note that it prospered not only in our country but also in many other Asian countries including Korea where at least 50 per cent of the population were Buddhists, observed Lakshman Jayakody, Advisor to President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga at the opening ceremony of the photographic exhibition of Buddhist temples in South Korea, held at Hotel Taj Samudra, Colombo recently.


The concept of marriage and the family in Buddhism by Prof. Dhammavihari Thera - Whether one calls Buddhism a religion or a philosophy, it is a way of life for mankind so that all beings who are here and everywhere live in comfort and security, without any threat on anybody's account, to their continuance and survival (Sukhino va khemino hontu sabbe satta bhavantu sukhitatta Sn. v.143). The Nativity Grey schist. 2nd to 4th century A.D. from Gandhara.

Reflections on conflict by Kingsley Heendeniya - History, fundamentally, is the story of conflict, clash of like and dislikes arising from a perception of We and They. Since there cannot be perception of We without They it is sufficient to examine the roots of We when it is seen to arise from perceptions of me and mine and I-am. In other words, conflict arises from a perception of self and ceases at root level from abandoning the perception of self. Since conflict is sorrow, this is precisely the teaching of the Buddha.


The most important Buddhist reformation ever attempted in Siam began during the reign of King Rama III under Prince Mongkut, the monarch’s son who was then a monk, and continued when he ascended the throne as King Rama IV. Although he had genuine enthusiasm for the new knowledge and technology of the West, King Rama IV advocated caution when it came to Siamese acceptance of all things occidental. He realised Buddhism's importance to his countrymen and made sure it was maintained at the core of the nation’s spirit.

Buddhism in China illustrates cultural integration

The spread of Buddhism from India to Japan and Korea after the religion's development in China exemplifies the compatibility of Chinese and foreign cultures. "The spread of the religion instilled new energy to the culture of these countries and also brought regeneration to the religion itself," said Professor Xu Jialu, director of the College of Chinese Language and Culture of Beijing Normal University.

UNESCO adopts decision on misuse of religious symbols

The UNESCO Executive Board unanimously decided to take action on the misuse of religious symbols and expressions at its 170th session in Paris on October 12 on a proposal by Sri Lanka.

Dhamma - fastest growing religion in Canada

Lakshman Jayawardena in Ottawa Buddhism has recently experienced substantial growth in both USA and Canada, as it has in many Western countries. In its early days in the West, Buddhism was considered an alien religion. However, contemporary Buddhist practice in US and Canada is becoming more and more mainstream.


Buddha's philosophy of awakening Buddhist The term 'Buddha', used as a generic name or an appellative, is not a proper name. It identifies a human being that has attained Bodhi (from Bujjhati to awaken) or perfect enlightenment regarding the realistic conditions of existence in this world.

'The first Buddhist School in Sri Lanka - Only the ruins of the original buildings of the first Buddhist School of Dodanduwa. From time immemorial Southern Province of Sri Lanka has enjoyed a unique position of cultural, historical and religious significance.

Mind your mind: 'Conscious living' is gaining popularity in U.S.

Psychologist Henry Grayson says his book, Mindful Loving, might not have been a best seller if his publisher had stuck to a title he'd suggested: "The New Physics of Love."


The practical ways of Buddhism by Ven. Souraba Nanda Scenes from the Life of the Buddha. Sandstone. 5th century A.D. from Sarnath, India. Indian Museum, Calcutta. Buddhism is nothing but a practical way of life. The Buddha is endowed with noble wisdom and virtuous conduct (vijja-carana sampanno).

Hypnosis, re-birth and Kamma by Kingsley Heendeniya In recent time, hypnosis has become an absorbing study and practice. Notwithstanding hilarious exposure of tricksters, as on local television, there are experts claiming professional qualifications from putative university courses in London.

Bellanwila Buddha statue - almost a replica of Awkana colossus by Udayasiri Pathirana The Bellanwila Vihara is situated midway between the Dehiwala and Maharagama on the Dehiwala Road. Bent on worshipping at the temple you purchase lotus flowers, oil and wicks, incense and joss sticks from boutiques on the road side. You cross the road and leave behind the profane world and enter the sacred zone.

A Blonde moment in Bagan

Is it original?" The gentle voice startled me, and I turned to find a crimson-clad monk nodding and beaming widely. I had been taking notes and making rough sketches at the Shwezigon Paya in Bagan, Myanmar, so I assumed that he was referring to these.

Richard Gere inspires Jennifer Lopez to embrace Buddhism!:

[Hollywood News]: London, Oct 8 : Celebrities seem to have a strange fascination for Asian religions, and if it was George Harrison becoming a disciple of the Hindu guru Mahararishi Mahesh Yogi and Madonna practicing the Jewish religion kabalah, this time it is Latino diva Jennifer Lopez who is taking up Buddhism.

Introducing the Buddha to western readers

A spiritual force, in crackling good prose --In a continuation of the pithily conceived Penguin Lives Series, religious scholar Karen Armstrong has provided a succinct biography of the Buddha, recently re-released in paperback, after its initial publication in 2001. Though the shortest of Armstrong's books, it must surely have been the most difficult to write.

Buddhist women and Higher Ordination

Women of Sri Lanka are confronted with a serious challenge from within and outside. Certain groups representing foreign Non-Governmental organisations are trying to capitalise the innocence of our females - particularly the Buddhists.

'The greatest combination of heart and brain ever existed'

"Show me in history one character who has soared so high above all. The whole human race has produced one such person, such high philosophy and such wide sympathy.

September 2004


Sri Lankans in France felicitate Candaratana Nayaka Thera - by Nemsiri Mutukumara - The Venerable Paravahara Candaratana Nayakathera, marked his fiftieth birthday on September 10, 2004 in the Buddhist era of 2548. Ven Paravahara Candaratana Nayakathera He is the Chief Sanghanayakathera of the Siam Mahanikaya fraternity in France. He resides in Le Bourget.

Why villify the Buddha, a revered religious leader?- In the recent past a certain amount of effort seems to have originated in the "decadent West" in villifying the character of the Buddha, a world-respected religious leader.


Why and how should we cultivate our minds? by Ven. Souraba Nanda In my previous article, 'what does "a good Buddhist" mean?' which was published on 1st of September in the Daily News, I was talking about the power of mind that goes beyond all other external powers. I mentioned that the only way to attain this power of mind is through bhavana (meditation).

The historic temporary ordination project by the BCC by Kingsley Heendeniya In our country, in step with other parts of the world, there is a seemingly exponential increase in dissatisfaction or dukkha. People are trying to seek satisfaction in material things as never before in our culture, chasing after the insatiable gratification of sensual pleasure.

Global spiritual centre at Sarnath

from Upali Rupasinghe in New Delhi - Sarnath, at the Baranesa Isipathana Migadaya where The Buddha preached his first sermon, "Dhammachkkapavattana Sutta", will soon become the global spiritual centre with a sprawling garden measuring six acres consisting of all facilities.

Anagarika Dharmapala - trail-blazing servant of the Buddha

by Daya Sirisena President, Board of Trustees, Sirisena Dharamamandiraya Meditation Centre. The 140th birth anniversary falls today of Bhikkhu Sri Devamitta Dharmapala, known in the annals of Buddhist history as Anagarika Dharmapala. His life and character had been a source of inspiration for Buddhists throughout the world for the last 140 years.

UNESCO support sought to stop misuse of Buddha images

In the wake of increasing complaints on the misuse of the Buddha's image for commercial purposes, the Government has taken the initiative at UNESCO to obtain support from other Buddhist countries to prevent such practices internationally.


Social Base of early Buddhism in southeast India and Sri Lanka by PK Balachanddran Buddhism, which flourished in South India between 3rd century BC and 4th century AD, was essentially an urban phenomenon closely associated with traders and other urban groups, says Prof Sudharshan Seneviratne, a leading Lankan expert on South Indian Buddhism. Maya’s dream and the Nativity. Four scenes, limestone relief 2nd century A.D. from Amaravati Andhra.

Dhamma school and the tuition class Buddhist mirror by A.G.S.Kariyawasam The decision taken by the government to ban the private tuition classes on Sundays has to be received with a glad welcome by every individual of this country who wishes its citizens to be good, law-abiding set of men and women with a sense of responsibility towards the betterment of the quality of life led by our fellow citizens.

Deep in Siberia, Buddhist comeback is under way by Maria Golovnina Vladimir Chimitdorzhiyev was once an ardent communist who wanted to lead young people in Siberia to a Soviet paradise. "That was a long time ago. All that is water under the bridge now," he said in his dimly lit retreat near Russia's border with Mongolia, ancient scrolls depicting Buddhist masters hanging over his shaved head. "I am now a Buddhist monk. I've left irrelevant things behind. I've come here to learn and to teach."

New Mogok Meditation Centre opened in London.

A new Vipassana Meditation centre opened on 29th of August 2004 in East London. Instructing Sayadaws (senior monks) are from Myanmar (Burma) representing the tradition of the late Mogok Sayadaw who was believed to be an Arahant. This centre is the first of its kind in the West to promote the teaching of Mogok Sayadaw who put emphasis on understaning the Law of Dependent Origination before any serious meditation attempt.

Nepal to host second World Buddhist Summit

Fri Sep 10, 2:02 AM ET KATHMANDU (AFP) - Nepal is to host an international conference of Buddhists from November 30 to December 2 in Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha, organisers have announced. AFP/File Photo "Over 250 Buddhist religious leaders and special guests from 35 different countries are expected to participate," Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Dip Kumar Upadhyay told a news conference on Thursday.

Unenlightened animation - The Legend of Buddha

Cast: Various voices Produced by Pentamedia Graphics, in collaboration with the Economic Development Board of Singapore, this 2D animated film recounts the life of Gautama Buddha.


Early Gandhara Buddha images by N.U. Hingalgoda - Images of the Buddha occupies a prominent place in the Buddhist Art and Architecture anywhere in the world. In the early history of Buddhist Art and Architecture Figure of the Buddha was represented symbolically as the earliest sculptures refrained from direct representation of the Buddha in human form.

What does 'a good Buddhist' mean? by Ven. Souraba Nanda - In my five years stay in Sri Lanka I have met many people of various characters. Whenever I wanted to know about them, most of them introduced themselves as good Buddhists.

Kandy retains Sri Lanka's cultural and religious leadership

Kandy was the base of the last independent kingdom of Sri Lanka which lasted until 1815 AD, before the country was totally subjugated by the colonial powers.

August 2004


Our underlying tendencies by Kingsley Heendeniya - In conventional and in Dhamma usage, the body [rupa] and mind [citta] are regarded as one. They are taken apart and discussed for purposes of description and understanding. In the teaching of the Buddha, this is done in several ways. For example, rupa is defined as earth, water, fire and space elements invested with consciousness where citta is an integral part of vinnana.

Traditions revived - new Mahanayake of Malwatte Chapter by S. B. Karalliyadda - In keeping with the centuries old tradition of appointing the Mahanayake of the Malwatte Chapter by the ruling monarch, on the 16th August the Executive President of Sri Lanka presented the act of appointment to the new Mahanayake of Malwatte chapter the most Venerable Thibbatuwawe Sri Siddartha Sumangala.

The rise of heterodox Buddhism in early Sri Lanka

The Abhayagiri cetiya Buddhism introduced to Sri Lanka, by the illustrious Maha Mahinda Thera, during the reign of king Devanampiyatissa (307-267 BC), was in its orthodox form, as taught by the Buddha, and contained in the Tripitaka (Vinaya, Sutta and Abhidhamma).

Brushing up on Buddhism

Einstein also said that "physical concepts are free creations of the human mind, and are not, however as it may seem, uniquely determined by the external world."


The architectural pioneer of the modern Bellanwila temple by Sisira Wijesinghe - As the popular saying goes, "if worshipped once at Kelaniya all demerits would disappear," every time you tread on the Bellanwila Vihara sacred premises, memories of the late Bellanwila Sri Somaratana Nayake Thera, the architectural pioneer of the modern Bellanwila temple complex tend to recur among devotees who know about the history of this place.

'Property of humans is their children'- the Buddha (Putta vatthu manussanam)Once a deity visited the Buddha at Jetavana and questioned him as to what constitutes the real property for humans in general.

Politics taboo for Bhikkus, says JBU

"The sole aim of the Bhikkus should be to protect the country and the religion and to advise the kings who are leading the country. It is prohibited for Bhikkus to enter politics," said Ven. Bengamuwe Nalaka Thera of the advisory committee of Jathika Bodu Urumaya.


Dialogue among different traditions should be encouraged by Ven. Dr. Sri Dhammananda - The Buddha between two Bodhisattvas. Bronze 14th century A.D. from Korea. A great deal has been spoken and written about the Buddha's concern for the well-being of all living beings and humankind in particular.

Tantirimale viharaya illuminated by Anuradhapura special correspondent Sarath Manulawickrama . Ven. Tantirimale Chandarathana, Viharadhipathi of Tantirimale ancient vihara said that protecting the historical Upatissagama called Tantirimale is a national duty.

Thai Queen lauds religious tolerance

BANGKOK (dpa) - Thai Queen Sirikit, who turned 72 on Thursday, lauded Thailand's traditional values of generosity and tolerance for different religions in a speech delivered on the eve of her birthday. Thursday is a national holiday, marking Thailand's Mother's Day to honour the queen's birthday

Buddhist site found in Gulbarga district

Gulbarga, Aug 13 - A research team of the Kannada Research Institute of Karnatak University has discovered what could be a 2,000-year-old Buddhist site at Tunnur in Chitapur taluk of Gulbarga district. The team consisting of the director of the institute, R M Shadaksharaiah, and the research scholar Jayashree Baburao Deshmanya made the discovery during the course of their research on Buddhist remains in the district.

Famous religious sites in China

China is a country with a great diversity of religious beliefs. The main religions are Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism and Protestantism. According to some statistics, there are over 100 million followers of various religious faiths, more than 85,000 sites for religious activities, some 300,000 clergy and over 3,000 religious organisations throughout China. In addition, there are 74 religious schools and colleges run by religious organisations for training clerical personnel.

‘Oldest’ Buddhist monk was a Brahmin

Strange, but true. Jayalal Lamsal, a 75-year-old Brahman of Ghachok village, Kaski district, chose to turn a Buddhist monk 25 years ago and is famous as ‘Shubhadra’. Probably, he is the oldest Buddhist monk in Nepal. He is now 100 years old.

Canada getting the big Buddha

SIZE MATTERS: A Taiwanese Buddhist group planning to build the biggest Buddha in North America in a Vancouver suburb hopes it will be awe-inspiring


Two words commonly misunderstood: Kusala and akusala by Kingsley Heendeniya - The words kusala, akusala and kamma are probably the commonest words familiar to every Buddhist. They are also the words that are commonly and popularly misunderstood with dire consequences or miccaditthi.

Buddhist attitude towards death by Aryadasa Ratnasinghe - "Impermanent are all conditioned things, Of a nature to arise and pass away. Having arisen they then pass away, Their complete cessation is true bliss".

Giant Changhua Buddha gets facelift

2004-08-04 / Taiwan News, Staff Reporter / By Hungfu Hsueh Repairs for the giant Buddha in Changhua County, which suffered damages from the 9-21 Earthquake, has just completed repairs, have just been completed, and is going to reopen this Sunday. (Courtesy of Changhua County Government ) Once an important Taiwanese landmark, a giant Buddha in Changhua County that was a casualty of the 9-21 Earthquake has been given a new shine that county government officials hope will restore its traditional glamour.

Buddhism and the 12 Steps

Both Buddhist practice and 12-Step programs encourage followers to have faith in their own experience. By Kevin Griffin Excerpted from "One Breath at a Time: Buddhism and the Twelve Steps" by Kevin Griffin. Copyright © 2004 Kevin Griffin. Reprinted with permission from Rodale.

July 2004


A Buddhist theory of International Law and International Politics (An Evaluation of a treatise by the late Professor K. N. Jayatilleke) - by Dr. H. S. S. Nissanka Nalagiri Damanaya. The subjugation of the mad elephant. Limestone. 2nd to 3rd century AD. From Amaravati, Andhra. n 1967 at the Hague Academy of International Law, the late Prof. K. N. Jayathilleke delivered five lectures entitled "The Principles of International Law in Buddhist Doctrine".

Mindfulness and awareness - by Kingsley Heendeniya; The Pali word for awareness is sampajanna. It is frequently linked with mindfulness or sati in the compound word sati-sampajanna. In the Satipatthana Sutta, the section on mindfulness of the body includes awareness of bodily actions from which we conclude that there is a subtle difference between mindfulness and awareness.

Exposition on richness of Buddhist culture

KUALA LUMPUR: A 9.1m revolving giant lantern made up of several rotating sections, with 88 sub-lanterns, is one of the highlights of a Buddhism exposition open to the public at the Thean Hou Temple here. The four-day exposition, which aims at raising funds for charity and to increase public awareness of Buddhism's rich culture and heritage, also showcases eight sacred relics of the Buddha from Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

Thais debate over women as Buddhist monks

Storm over ordination of women heats up as novices move closer to establishing the nation's first-ever female Buddhist order CHIANG MAI - First came the allegations of heresy, the death threats followed, then came the start of an impeachment process.


A Buddhist theory of International Law and International Politics (An Evaluation of a treatise by the late Professor K. N. Jayatilleke) - by Dr. H. S. S. Nissanka Nalagiri Damanaya. - In 1967 at the Hague Academy of International Law, the late Prof. K. N. Jayathilleke delivered five lectures entitled "The Principles of International Law in Buddhist Doctrine".

Mindfulness and awareness by Kingsley Heendeniya - The Pali word for awareness is sampajanna. It is frequently linked with mindfulness or sati in the compound word sati-sampajanna. In the Satipatthana Sutta, the section on mindfulness of the body includes awareness of bodily actions from which we conclude that there is a subtle difference between mindfulness and awareness.

Miracle claims of a forgotten fruit Pomegranate

When I was a child, my mother used to call pomegranates "pure nonsense" - as if someone was conning her into believing that this staining mess of seeds and rind was a real fruit, not a mere wreath decoration.


The message of 5S from a Buddhist perspective by K. A. I. Kalyanaratne - This presentation was made at the Asian Region Symposium on the Japanese 5S Method. A pagoda in Japan Deeply impressed with the efficacy and utility of the 5S message to lift the human soul to greater heights, I had been thinking, for a considerable period of time, whether any similarities could be drawn from the rich and exhaustive Buddhist scriptures.

The discovery of statues spurs debate on Buddhism's Tamil links by S. Anand - Outlook India, New Delhi - Peace of mind seems an impossible attainment in the searing noon sun at Paravai, in Tamil Nadu's Perambalur district. Yet, the majestic calm on the expression of the Enlightened One seated in the town's bus stop belies an immunity to mere extremes of climate. Some statues found in Tamil Nadu.

Biggest Buddha to be built in India

Kushinagar, India, Jul. 13 (UPI) -- Officials of a state in India are planning to build the world's largest Buddha statue, the BBC reports.

Buddhism reviving in deepest Siberia

PEACE RETURNS: The Soviet Union's demise allowed Buddhism to stage a comeback in remote Russia, sometimes luring city folk eager for enlightenment - Tuesday, Jul 13, 2004,Page 5 Vladimir Chimitdorzhiyev was once an ardent communist who wanted to lead young people in Siberia to a Soviet paradise. "That was a long time ago. All that is water under the bridge now," he said in his dimly lit retreat near Russia's border with Mongolia, ancient scrolls depicting Buddhist masters hanging over his shaved head.

Role of the Maha Sangha

by W. T. A. Leslie Fernando by W. T. A. Leslie Fernando - For the first time in the history, nine Buddhist Bhikkus have been elected as a distinct group to the supreme legislature in Sri Lanka. Whether you like it or not they are a force to reckon with in the Parliament. This situation has evoked much interest as to the role of the Maha Sangha in our country.


The annual Upasampada ceremony of Kotte Sri Kalyani Samagri Dharma Maha Sangha Sabhawa The Upasampada ceremony of Kotte Sri Kalyani Samagri Dharma Maha Sangha Sabhawa which until recently was held once in two years is now held annually.

Metta Bhavana by Kingsley Heendeniya - Many persons have grievously not understood Metta Bhavana as taught by the Buddha. The popular idea is that a person can' radiate or broadcast waves of loving kindness and compassion' through the air to others. This is absolute rubbish.

My practice would be patience by Ajahn Sumedho - When I first went to Wat Pah Pong, I couldn't understand Lao. And in those days Ajahn Chah was at his peak and giving three-hour desanas every evening. He could go on and on and on, and everybody loved him - he was a very good speaker, very humorous and everybody enjoyed his talks.

Singapore hosts first conference on Mahayana Buddhism Scholars and practitioners of Buddhism from around the region were to come to Singapore to attend South-East Asia's first conference on Chinese Mahayana Buddhism this weekend.

The message of Arhant Mahinda : The most fortunate gift Sri Lankans received

This is the full moon day of the month of June, i.e. the Poson Poya day. Any amongst us Sri Lankans who have a reasonable sense of pride in their heads about their cultural heritage of more than a two and half millennia in this land, should, on a day like this, recollect the historical situation in Sri Lanka prior to the arrival of Buddhism in this country.

Arhant Mahinda in South India and Sri Lanka

by Dr. Keerthi Jayasekera - When Bindusara was emperor, he appointed his two sons, Susuma (or Sumana) and Asoka, as his viceroys at Taxila and Ujjayini respectively. Sometime later when Taxila was in revolt which could not be suppressed by Sumana, Asoka was transfered there as he was deemed more competent for the purpose.

Ananda Bodhi The oldest sacred tree

"Lord, how many objects of reverence (Cetiyani) are there, may it please you ?" "There are three, Ananda. They are objects of reverence appertaining to the body (saririka), objects of reverence appertaining to the personal use (Paribhogika) and objects of reverence reminiscent of the Buddha (Uddesika)".

The Bodhi Tree

You were chosen by the Lord As a leafy abode of refuge, Away from the strife of the world, To dwell in the meditative silence Of the Inner Mind, In the unremitting search of the ultimate goal Of Samsaric release.

Was Buddhism here before Arhant Mahinda's arrival?

by Sumana Saparamadu - The Buddha’s arrival at Samanalakanda Buddhism was introduced to Lanka by Mahinda Thera, son and emissary of Emperor Asoka of India. So we learned at school long long years ago, and to-day's children are told the same story at school and in the Daham Paasala.

Mihintale - The cradle of Buddhism

The chronicler of Mahavamsa tells the story of Mihintale thus: "When he (Mahinda) had stayed there a month, the Thera on the Uposatha day of the month of Jethththa, with the four theras and Sumana, and the lay disciple, Bhanduka also, to the end that they might be known for human beings, rose up in the air and departed from that vihara; and

Buddhism as introduced by Arhant Mahinda : A religion with openness

It is well known that the Arhant Mahinda, who introduced Buddhism to the Island, chose the Culahatthidopama-sutta (The Shorter Discourse on the Simile of the Elephant's Footprint) of the Majjhimanikaya (27) as the theme for his first introductory sermon to the king Devenampiyatissa and his group.

Great renunciation of Prince Siddhartha

"Cramped and confined is household life, a den of dust, but the life of the homeless one, is as the open air of heaven. Hard is it for him who bides at home, to live out as it should be lived the holy life in all its perfection and all its purity." - Mahasaccaka Sutta

The Enemy Within

Buddhism’s peaceful message draws Dallas young - This is the radical thought of Buddhism--regarded by some as a religion and by others as a philosophy--and the message is finding its way to a growing number of young adults in Dallas who are searching for peace during a time of upheaval

China Reprinting Ancient Buddhist Encyclopedia

28 Jun 2004, China has begun a five-year project to reprint a centuries-old Buddhist encyclopedia. Chinese state-run Xinhua news agency says the last printing of the work, known in Chinese as the Dazangjing, was made in 1738, but the text was first compiled from translations of Sanskrit originals nearly a thousand years earlier. Most of the original texts are now lost.

June 2004


The Buddhist Path of Deliverance by Prof. Anuradha Seneviratna, Professor Emeritus, University of Peradeniya. Buddhism among the rest of the world religions is quite different and unique. In the first instance, it is not an organized religion or an institution but a way of life or a philosophy of living.

Whither the bhikkhus? Buddhist Mirror by A.G.S. Kariyawasam - Presently in Sri Lanka we are having the experience of Buddhist monks (bhikkhus) contesting seats in Parliament and entering the legislature as representatives of the people. As there is no efficiently organized central authority controlling their behaviour in such matters, none can stop them from doing so.


Bhikkhunis wrote island's first historical chronicle - How many are aware that women in the fourth century CE, authored the first chronicle on the island's history? Dipavamsa, written by a group of bhikkunis was the island's first Pali chronicle and served as the model and the chief source of information to several post Dipavamsa documentations which include Mahavamsa.


Make the Dhamma your only refuge - More than two thousand five hundred years ago, one resplendent dawn; the golden light of the skies reached down to touch the infinite flowers of Lumbini.

The use of electronic media for the propagation of the Dhamma - Ven. Pannyavaro Thera - At the heart of Buddhism are the three jewels of the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha. There is one aspect of the Dhamma that if you took it away, no one here would value the triple gem at all. What is that essential aspect?


The Dhammapada seen through the eyes of a non-Buddhist : The therapeutic balm for morally ailing man by S. Francis Perera - A person he be Buddhist or non-Buddhist on reading the compact classic, The Dhammapada, cannot fail to recognise it as a spiritual gem of rare lustre.

Buddhism's global appeal Buddhist mirror - Gautama Buddha was born and bred as an Indian and achieved the extremely rare distinction of becoming a Buddha also as an Indian.

Patachara's lament and her final refuge Oh! Where are my household gods? The gods that protected me In my childhood, and made me the cynosure of all eyes, The coveted prize of many a youthful prince!

World's largest Buddha statue well protected

CHENGDU, June 21 (Xinhuanet) -- A dozen Chinese workers are busy renovating a section of river embankments at the foot of the world's largest sitting Buddha statue to prevent it from erosion and pollution.

Impact of Buddhism in Sikkim art

June 25 (ANI): Sikkim, a hilly state rich in traditional art and crafts, is a place where training in art is handed down generations and art objects are preserved. But the invasion of modern day technology has been harmful to the native art which is now duplicated and sold as cheap imitation.

Relation between brain, mind and consciousness beyond modern science

Dr. Granville Dharmawardena, Director Isotope Centre lectured on, "brain, Mind and Consciousness at Maitriya Hall, Lauris Road Banbalapitiya last Saturday. Raja Kuruppu, president of the Servants of the Buddha presided.


Rekindled interest The Buddhism Omnibus By Iqbal Singh, S. Radhakrishnan and Arvind Sharma, Oxford, Rs 595 - It is easier first to enumerate what The Buddhism Omnibus is not. It is not a definitive work on the vast and complex subject that is Buddhism, although many may expect it to be so.

Buddhist sites to be developed in Orissa to boost tourism

Three sites of religious significance to Buddhism would be developed for tourists in the eastern Indian state of Orissa. The three sites make up a mini "golden triangle" of Orissa's Buddhist legacy.

Buddha Enjoys Boom in Germany

Not Bangkok, but Berlin - Increasing numbers of Germans are switching off their worries along with their mobile phones and immersing themselves in Buddha's teachings. It's a tranquil scene repeated every evening at Hamburg's Buddhist Center, one of the largest in the Germany.

City's first Buddhist monk dies at 74

Jun 2 2004 By Staff Reporter, Birmingham Post: Birmingham's first Buddhist monk and spiritual leader, and the founder of the city's distinctive Ladywood temple, has died aged 74. The Venerable Dr Rewata Dhama was born in Burma, on December 12, 1929 and entered a Buddhist monastery as a young novice, taking full monastic ordination at the age of 20.

Anniversary events to honour Mahasi Sayadaw

A CEREMONY to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of one of Myanmar’s most internationally famous meditation masters, the Venerable Mahasi Sayadaw, will be held in Yangon late this year.

Mihintale - the rocky citadel of Buddhism

The Mihintale mountain situated eight miles East of Anuradhapura, rises to a trignometrical altitude of 1089 ft., overlooking the verdant jungle extending far into the lowland country.

May 2004


Buddhism in the land of golden pagodas by Prof. U. Hla Myint, International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University, Yangon, Myanmar Of the total population of about 51 million in Myanmar, 88% follow Theravada Buddhism.


Even the Buddha had to suffer kamma Buddhist mirror by A.G.S.Kariyawasam - The kamma theory is one of the two basic teachings in Buddhism, the other being its related doctrine of rebirths or more correctly, re-becoming (punabbhava).

International missionary monk from Sri Lanka Singapore is a City State, that stirringly showcases the most sophisticated in the technologies of communication. The advanced urban comforts and facilities available to the citizens, invariably make one wonder if the 22nd century, had already incarnated itself in this City State, through some strange time-warp.

Did Malwatta Chapter refuse the Ordination of Ven. Ambagahawatte Saranankara (Later Ambagahwatte Indasabhavarananasami Mahanayaka Thera of the Ramanna Nikaya)? This refers to the article bearing the title "Upasamapada, the Highest Bhikkhu Ordination" by Ariyadasa Ratnasinghe which appeared in the Daily News on April 19.


Curative action of meditation on loving kindness by J. C. Boange - Meditation could generally be described as a method by which the Mind could be cultivated or developed. Just as the physical body of a being could be cultivated, for example, by consuming wholesome food and proper exercise, the mind too could be cultivated with beneficial results by certain techniques which are set out in the SATIPATTANA SUTTRA.

Sathyaye Panivudaya (Message of the Truth) by Ven. Bokundara Kusaladhamma Venerable Bokundara Kusaladhamma Thera of the Ingiriya, Madakada Aranya Senasanaya has written a valuable Dhamma book 'Sathyaye Panividaya' ('The Message of the Truth') explaining the Four Noble Truths. Departing from the traditional approach to the Four Noble Truths seen so far, the Thera has adopted a new analytical aspect of approaching the subject.

A Vesak pandal with Jayasiri Semage's arts near the Temple of the Tooth It is proposed to erect a sixty feet high pandal near the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy in order to mark the Vesak this year.


Curative action of meditation on loving kindness by J. C. Boange - Meditation could generally be described as a method by which the Mind could be cultivated or developed. Just as the physical body of a being could be cultivated, for example, by consuming wholesome food and proper exercise, the mind too could be cultivated with beneficial results by certain techniques which are set out in the SATIPATTANA SUTTRA.

Sathyaye Panivudaya (Message of the Truth) by Ven. Bokundara Kusaladhamma - Venerable Bokundara Kusaladhamma Thera of the Ingiriya, Madakada Aranya Senasanaya has written a valuable Dhamma book 'Sathyaye Panividaya' ('The Message of the Truth') explaining the Four Noble Truths.

A Vesak pandal with Jayasiri Semage's arts near the Temple of the Tooth It is proposed to erect a sixty feet high pandal near the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy in order to mark the Vesak this year. The proposed pandal which is to be put up with the blessings of the Diyawadana Nilame Niranjan Wijeratne is to be designed and painted by Kalasoori Jayasiri Semage of international fame.


Words of wisdom by Kingsley Heendeniya - Read below a selection and arrangement of words by the Buddha and his disciples. Reflect how profound eternal ideas are communicated by stringing simple words. Use them for meditation.

Renewal of hopes for the New Year: Hope springs eternal in the human breast - Buddhist Mirror - by A. G. S. Kariyawasam - "Hope springs eternal in the human breast" As nicely expressed in the afore-quoted line from Alexander Pope, we humans live in constant hope, which keeps on becoming renewed till we reach the end of our lives.

Myanmar to hold World Buddhist Summit Yangon

Myanmar will host an international summit on Buddhism in December. The three-day World Buddhist Summit will be held in the capital city Yangon from Dec 9. The global meeting of Theravada Buddhists is organised once every two years.

Sayadaw Dr U Rewata Dhamma has passed away on 26th May 2004 in Birmingham,UK

It is with sorrow that we must announce the death of our beloved founder and teacher, Aggamahapandita Dr. Rewata Dhamma. He passed away peacefully and unexpectedly early this morning (Wednesday, 26 May, 2004).

Buddha's new birthplace discovered Kapileshwar (Orissa)

A team of archeological experts from Orissa say their recent findings at the Kapileshwar village may help establish the small hamlet as the birthplace of Lord Buddha, instead of Lumbini, in Nepal.

Monks turn politician at their own peril

PUNNDAHAMMO BHIKKU - OPINION: One of the touchiest problems in all faith communities is the proper role of religion in politics.

140 Buddhist sites discovered in Swabi

PESHAWAR: The Archaeology & Museums department has discovered 140 archaeological sites and monuments of Buddhist affiliation and revealed rich cultural wealth in Swabi district of NWFP.

The scientific pursuit of happiness

05/04/2004 - Scientists long ago ceded the investigation of happiness to ministers, novelists, therapists, travel agents, brewers, ad executives and vice squads. When medical scientists did think about happiness, they tended to view it in the negative, as freedom from depression. A recent survey of 30 years of psychology publications counted 46,000 papers on depression and a piddling 400 on joy.

'Sukho Buddhanam Uppado' (Happy is the birth of Buddhas)

623 B.C, in the month of pleasant May I' was also the Vesak full moon day, Most of the people of Kapilavastupura, Prepared to go on a grand Perahera".

May all beings be happy! Vesak Pasalosvaka Poya 2548 - 2004 (Daily News Supplement)

Sri Dalada Puja for Vesak Poya - A blessing

When six full moons of Vesak fade away

Theory of multiple universe systems

Abhidhamma expounds the quintessence of the Buddha

The unique Buddha Statues of Myanmar

Spirit of Vesak kept alive through many Buddhist symbols

Senanigama at Buddha Gaya where Sujatha lived

Some aspects of Buddhism : The boldest optimism ever proclaimed to the world


Theravada in retrospect

April 2004


On understanding Namarupa by Kingsley Heendeniya - Bertrand Russell defines matter (rupa) as the series of appearances of substance that obeys the laws of physics. That is, (appearance of) rupa is independent of the observer, place and time. The Buddha defines it differently for his purpose to describe the arising and ceasing of Dukkha.

Upasampada - The highest Bhikkhu ordination by Aryadasa Ratnasinghe - Upasampada is the highest Bhikkhu ordination replete with higher morality, and it is bestowed upon a 'Samanera' (Novice) ceremonially, only when he completes his 20th birth day.


Opening up to happiness - by mark epstein - One reason we have so much trouble attaining happiness is that we don't even know what it is. We keep trying to annihilate anxiety and other disturbances. But happiness has more to do with broadening your perspective, says a ground-breaking psychiatrist who blends Western and Eastern thinking.

Way forward for Buddha Sasana (Papers and proceedings of the International conference on Buddha Sasana in Theravada Countries: Issues and the way forward), Edited by: Buddhadasa Hewavitharana - The papers presented at the International Buddhist Conference of Theravada Countries held in Colombo last year are now available in book form titled 'Way Forward for Buddha Sasana.'

Kesaria Stupa, one of the tallest in India - The Kesaria Stupa, reminiscent of the heritage, past glory and the Buddha's last days, is located in a sleepy little village in a remote corner of the Indian State of Bihar in East Champaran district 110 Km North of Patna and situated 3 Km South of Kesaria.


Bhikkhu Sangha to save the children by Nemsiri Mutukumara -The evil consequences of consuming alcoholic drinks is fast becoming the subject of discussion not only among the disciplined individuals but also in national and international parleys across the world.

Buddhist concept of war and peace by Sita Arunthavanathan - An examination of the Buddhist Sacred Texts show that Buddhism has absolutely no place of war, conflict and aggression. Buddhism is totally against harming any kind of life which according to Buddhist concept includes humans, animals and even plants. There is no war that can be fought without harming these.


Yasodhara's contribution to Buddha's Enlightenment by A.G.S. Kariyawasam The fact that Yasodhara, as the Buddha's lay-life wife, has a long-standing record of positively contributing towards the Buddha's achievement of Enlightenment has never been adequately highlighted.

80th anniversary of Das Buddhistische Haus in Berlin

The German Dharmaduta Society will commemorate the 80th anniversary of the founding of Das Buddhistische Haus in the picturesque Berlin suburb of Frohnau, Germany, by sponsoring a series of activities throughout the year.

Dr. Paul Dahlke and his Buddhist House by Anagarika Dharmapala

The 80th Anniversary of Das Buddhistische Haus in Berlin - Frohnau, Germany will be commemorated this year by the German Dharmaduta Society through a series of activities.

Buddha bikini upsets Thais

Wed Apr 21, BANGKOK (Reuters) - A multi-coloured Victoria's Secret swimsuit with an image of the Buddha on the bikini top is upsetting many deeply traditional Thais who want its U.S. makers to take it off the shelves.

Victoria's Secret Pulls Buddha Bikini

Victoria's Secret Tuesday ceased selling a controversial bathing suit after fielding complaints from Buddhists who found the garment objectionable. Offended by the bikini, which is laden with images of Buddha, Buddhists in the San Francisco area urged the company to pull the product. In response, Victoria's Secret removed the item from its Web site, as did the company that actually manufactures the swimsuit.

The Sacred Tooth Relic and functions of the Diyawadana Nilame

The Tooth Relic is one of Sri Lanka's greatest national treasures. It was an object for the preservation of which the ancient Sinhalese would have perhaps been prepared to shed their blood to the very last drop.

Comment: Buddhism's guru, part two

By James A. Beverley - I INTERVIEWED the the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala, India, the site of the Tibet Government in Exile and the home of the Tibetan leader since 1960. Pilgrims usually get to Dharamsala by bus, train, or taxi from New Delhi, an arduous journey of up to 12 hours. Despite the difficulty of the journey, visitors from all over the world flock to what is called "little Lhasa."

Long wait for budding Buddhists

By Simone Pitsis and David King - April 16, 2004 - THE path to enlightenment just keeps getting longer. While church numbers in Christian religions fall, Buddhism is growing at such a phenomenal rate that monasteries are struggling to keep up with demand.

Tourists’ search for inner peace draws them to mediation centres (in Myanmar)

Kerry Howley - THE latest buzzword in an industry rife with fads, ‘Spiritual Tourism’ has crossed the lips of everyone from travel guides to Buddhist monks to the Dalai Llama himself, who helped lead a three-day conference on the subject in New Delhi last February.

Buddha's way is best if you want to combat stress

April 08, 2004 - By Stefanie Marsh - IN CASE more than 20 centuries of gruelling spiritual journeys towards harmony and balance have not persuaded you, scientists have now proved that Buddhist meditation relieves stress.


Sujit Chakraborty -- Sikkim is quintessential a Buddhist State. The places of worship called the Gonpas or monasteries have a rich tradition. Buddhist iconography, frescos and murals are distinct in all of them.

Sakyadhita Sri Lanka Monastery: A new home for the 'Daughters of the Buddha'

by LAKMAL WELABADA - The soothing cool breeze that swept across the Bolgoda lake had a balmic effect on the living beings around it, just as the Dhamma consoles and heals humankind.

Scientists dig out 2,450-year-old civilization in Bangladesh

Friday, April 02, 2004 - A group of Bangladeshi scientists dug out an ancient road in northern Narsingdi, 50 km northeast of the capital Dhaka, suggesting 2,450-year-old civilization which redefines the history of eastern India

March 2004

BUDDHIST SPECTRUMMonday, 29 March 2004

On understanding Satipatthana by Kingsley Heendeniya - The Satipatthana Sutta in the Majjhima Nikaya [and the longer rendition in the Digha] is the major treatise on mindfulness.

Ten precepts as a sound basis for an ethical lifestyle by Ranga Chandrarathne - The Ten Precepts which are, perhaps, the basis for leading a life according to the teachings of Buddhism, should be the basic tenants of a Buddhist's life.

Teaching English to the bhikkus - who join Overseas Buddhist Services - It is an undeniable fact that the bhikkus who join Overseas Buddhist Services need a thorough knowledge in English language as much as they need to possess a knowledge in Buddha Dhamma.

The bases of contact from the Chabbisodhana Sutta There are six bases of interaction, Proclaimed by the Blessed One, who knows and sees, Accomplished and fully enlightened. What six?


Advice to girls from Buddhism - Part II : Male and female aspects of existence complementary to each other In response to certain statements the present writer had made in the last article on the above subject in this series (DN 08.03.04) he has received both bouquets and brickbats.

Buddhism is growing in Scotland by Jenifer Johnston - When the Dalai Lama visits Scotland this summer he will find fertile ground for his teachings. Experts believe the number of Buddhists in the country has risen past the 10,000 mark and is growing.

Matter, mind and detachment (from the Chabbisodhana Sutta) The Blessed One who knows and sees, Accomplished and fully enlightened, Has named six elements conducive to clinging, What six?

Compassion, love form basis of Buddhism

Dr. Martin Adam had mixed feelings about speaking about Buddhism. "Do I represent Buddhism?" he said he asked himself. He said he was grateful for the invitation to speak, but warned the audience, "What I am presenting comes from one person's perspective. I do not speak for Buddhism."

Daily Moments Of Mindfulness

“Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold.” The Irish poet WB Yeats wrote these evocative lines a hundred years ago, and although written in a different context, they are resonant of what life feels like much of the time today.

The Bhikkhus in politics - 1 Breaching the wall of the sacred

The influx of the Maha Sangha in strength into the field of electoral politics has generated a predictable debate although to anybody who had been watching recent developments this would not have come as any surprise.

The Bhikkus in politics - 2 : Two faces of sangha militancy

In this column last week we argued that the present intervention by the bhikkhus gathered round the JHU was in contravention of the two traditional roles assigned so far to the monks, namely as advisors and counsellors to the rulers at apex level and as leaders of the community at the village level.

The Bhikkhus in Politics - 3 : The Emergence of the 'Dharmishta Samajaya'

At the beginning of this series of essays we argued that the present phenomenon of the JHU bhikkhus in politics was a new feature since it can be contended with some justification that it dates from 1977 when the open market economy was installed and liberalised trade introduced as part of the then Jayewardene Government's measures to incorporate Sri Lanka into the global capitalist economy.

February 2004


Buddhist ideas in English poetry by Andrew Scott - In this article I propose to spotlight some Buddhist ideas which have been expressed by well known English poets throughout the centuries.

The Dhammapada - A book of wisdom, a gold mine of information by Premasara Epasinghe - The Dhammapada is an unmatched, unique religious text, which sums up the essence of Tripitaka (Baskets of Buddhist Religion Text). It is sacred to Buddhist as the Bhagavadgita to Hindus, Tao Te Ching is for Taoism (Chinese religion founded by Lao Tzu and based on the Tao or "Way of Nature") the Holy Bible to Christians and Al-Koran to Muslims.


Space exploration - a Buddhist view: What the ancients knew about planet Mars - In Buddhist literature the Pali and the Sanskrit term loka implies the limitless cosmos in its entirety as a cosmographic concept, which comprises innumerable solar-systems or loka-dhaatus or chakkavaalas, a unit of which is explained in the Anguttara Nikaya in extension as "the area covered by the movement of a sun and a moon" (A.I. 227 PTS).

Sri Maha Bodhi Temple : Now a World Heritage Site - The Sri Maha Bodhi Temple at Buddha Gaya erected in the very place where Prince Siddharta attained Enlightenment or Buddhahood will be dedicated as a World Heritage Site on the 19th of February at an official ceremony attended by around 2,000 Buddhist delegates from all over the world.

Buddhism Today

In a globalising world, Buddhism stands for human values and world peace. Buddhism is an important part of our culture. Lots of material development is happening in Mongolia and spiritual guidance makes a huge difference to create awareness about the importance of love and tolerance. We are grateful for Buddha's teachings...

Buddhism's holiest shrine dedicated world heritage site

BODHGAYA, India, Thursday (AFP) Buddhism's holiest shrine was yeasterday formally dedicated as a world heritage site, with Indian officials saying it would one day rival the Vatican or Mecca.

Excavations throw light on Buddhist culture

FEBRUARY 07, 2004 12:32:32 AM ] HYDERABAD: A new Buddhist site found at Phanigiri in Nalgonda district, just 100 km from the city, is expected to throw more light on the expansion of Buddhism in the state and become a major tourist attraction after Nagarjunakonda and Amaravati.

Today is Navam Pasalosvaka Poya (5th February)

The sixteen sacred monuments by Nemsiri Mutukumara- The Sakyamuni Buddha visited this island in the ninth month after attaining Samma Sambodhi some twenty-six centuries ago, 2592 years ago to be exact from the fertile and salubrious regions of Gaya watered by refreshingly crystal-clear waves of river Neranjana which is flowing down from the Himalaya mountain range of Jambudipa.

January 2004

Ancient Buddhist site surfaces

An ancient site of historical Buddhist ruins and artifacts have surfaced at Meewalapathaha, in Pahalawewa area about 1 1/2Kms off Galewela-Dambulla main road at the foot of Beliyakanda hill.

'Rebel' nuns battle monks' scorn

Bhikuni Kusuma has a shaven head and wears the robes of a Buddhist monk - but she's a woman. Buddhist nuns are seen as rebels by mainstream Sri Lankan monks Many of her male counterparts call her misguided, but for her followers, she's a teacher who studied the ancient texts and revived the third century BC practice of ordaining women as Buddhist nuns, or Bhikuni as they're called.


Book Review : Buddhism and Psychology - written by Dr. Tilokasundari Kariyawasam is a monument of scholarship and intellectual prowess. The sincerity and devotion which has gone into the book is palpable.

"I dont' fight with the world But the world fights with me" - The Buddha - Quoted above as the title of this essay is an interesting and a meaningful statement of the Buddha as occurring in the Samyutta Nikaya (Pts Vol 3, P. 138).


Buddhism in Central Asia - Central Asia recognised as the 'Cradle of Human Civilisation' connotes the Tarim Basin with the incision of neighbouring regions such as Oxus and Badakshan with the Northern limit as Siberia and the Southern as Tibet.

The root of all things (from the Mulapariyaya Sutta) - One, who in the Dhamma, is unskilled and undisciplined, Perceives materiality, material form, And the beings that arise therefrom, Even the finer forms of the divine beings, As bound to self, within self, Yet apart and perceived in delight.


'Four Brahmavihara or Buddhist Archetypes - Metta, Karuna, Muditha, Upekka are, what matter' The Buddhist path has its own "Archetypes and shadows" (original Patterns) but we give priority to the "Archetypes" of the Wheel or Sansara and forget Buddhist Archetypes such as Metta, Karuna, etc.

What Did The Buddha Teach His Foster Mother? - By Kingsley Heendeniya During 45 years of teaching, the Buddha devoted most of his time to teaching his disciples. To them and others such as kings, queens, princes, merchants, scholars who came to debate with him, to ordinary people who asked for help and blessing, he presented the Dhamma in many ways. But the Buddha did not ever water down the Dhamma.

Woman enrages Thai conservatives as practising monk - By Geoffrey York Praprathon, Thailand - In Thailand, according to a traditional proverb, women are "the hind legs of the elephant" - docile followers of men, just one step behind Certainly, it seems true in the Thai form of Buddhism, where white-robed nuns toil quietly as assistants to 300,000 male monks, and women are formally barred from membership in the clergy.

Slow boat to Mandalay

Cutting through mountains and across the plains, the mighty Irrawaddy River is the lifeblood of Myanmar. THERE is something about long blue lines on maps that have always captured our imaginations – mighty rivers, great arteries to places unknown, beckoning with the promise of new horizons.

A rough road to nirvana

Bodh Gaya, the most important Buddhist site in the world, lies in the poorest and most lawless state in India. Mick Brown joined the pilgrims. Dazzled by the richness of India's spiritual traditions, the visitor can easily forget that this is, essentially, a nation of entrepreneurs.

Home altars offer intimacy

Maria de Fatima Cruz de Lacerda honors feminine powers at her home, with an array of goddesses on the altar. In modern times, home altars' popularity may have less to do with physical distance than with the spiritual gulf that separates many people from organized religion. E-mail this article Print this article Search archive WASHINGTON — On a secondhand table in his apartment, Bill Janey keeps three worn Bibles, a vial of oil, a few photographs of friends, a tiny candle and a box containing a prayer list. A Pentecostalist, Janey said he thinks of this spot as the bottom rung of his ladder to God.

Buddha Sasana should be protected

The Buddha Sasana should be protected and safe-guarded by the Buddhists who should observe the precepts of the Buddha dhamma to set up a decent society.

Attempts to destroy Buddhism

A magnificent history of over 2500 years is recorded in the great chronicles such as the Dipavamsa, the Mahavamsa and the Culavamsa.

Bye-bye Burma shrine to Buddha in decay

Till the Sixties, before nationalisation drove away all the people of Indian origin back to their homeland, Myanmar was like a second home for thousands of Indians. Our relations with that land, that gave Eden Gardens its pagoda and the popular khow suey for our palates, were so strong at one time that both our high and popular culture used to bear traces of our encounter with that country famous for its rubies.

Nayake Thera conferred title

Ven. Ahangama Ananda Nayaka Thera, Viharadhipati of Vijayarama Vihara and its educational centre in Wellawatte was felicitated at the BMICH last Tuesday by the Jayawardenapura Gunasamaru Padanama of Battaramulla for the unblemished services rendered by him for the propagation of the Buddhist dispensation, Sinhala culture, literature and the establishment of unity and harmony amongst all ethnic communities in the country, particularly in times of ethnic strife.

Suicide is gainless

More and more frequently the topic of suicide is front page news. We read of suicide bombers in the Middle East and elsewhere and of teenagers who form suicide pacts. A few years ago, two teens killed 13 people at Columbine High School in Colorado and then shot themselves. Meanwhile, the debate goes on over physician-assisted suicide, a procedure that so far is legal only in Oregon.