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Logbook saved me from being ruined

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I was reading all the comments about and thought why not to share my story as well. I am not a good writer and normally keep my comments reserved but this platform has forced me to write about my story. I took loan from logbook loan and it has really helped me out. I was running a small grocery store in the main area and was very happy with that. One day I left my store opened by mistake and someone stole many of the products. Although we had CCTV footage but I could not figure it out as they were wearing mask and were unidentifiable. We tried a lot to find them but failed to do so.

There was no solution to that other than to report to the police and I did so. After couple of months when there was no solution I ended up with the case and didn’t pursue it further. On the other side I was in complete loss because a month ago I invested all the money in my business and upgraded the store as well. There were many electronic items as well and which costed me a lot.

I decided not to lose hope as I am the only earning hand for my family. I decided to opt for loan but my banking was offering high interest rate and the difficult process as well. I spoke with many of my friends but no one agreed and all of them left me disappointed. There was a time when people use to come to me for loan and now when that was my turn, no one was bothered. This is bitter reality of relations, yet I accepted that with open heart.

Mark, my co-business man had taken logbook loan and I had witnessed the way it had helped him. I decided to try my luck for that loan and it really worked. Contrary to my expectations the process was very easy with lesser documentation and requirements. Logbook team helped me in every step and they informed me about every in and out of this loan. They checked my previous bank record, my income stability, logbook of my vehicle and then send the car for the calculation of its worth and value. After a day they contacted me back with the value of the loan and the process for agreement. I happily accepted their offer and agreed to pay back the loan within 12 months. 12 months have been passed; I am running a bigger store now and had employed three staff as well. I paid the entire amount on time and secured my car as well. My car was with me yet technically it was owned by the logbook loan team. Both of us never had any issue related to the payments delays and even for car registration. I am really grateful to logbook loan for helping me out and they trusted me to give this loan.